Cyr Wheel

5 Part Cyr Wheel - PVC Coated

Five part aluminium Cyr Wheel with pvc cover. Grip size 48mm including covering. Allen key, 2 Extra bolts.




cyr wheel


Man invented the wheel 4000 BC. It is a human invention that opens the door to the development of culture and civilization.

The symbol of a wheel gained importance in all cultures. This recurring to itself line was considered as the most perfect figure, which is the combination of the tranquility and force. It has no beginning and no end, therefore it is a symbol of eternity.

Nevertheless, for the circus artist the word ‘wheel’ is associated only with one – with Roue cyr. What is this wheel?

Roue Cyr is also known under the name such as cyr wheel or monowheel. It is an acrobatic device used in modern circus performances in the twentieth century.

The important date is 2003, when Daniel Cyr during Mondial demain Cirque du Festival de Paris presented the first circus act performed on cyr wheel.

Since then, roue cyr is undergoing a boom.